2005 Natural Camerawork with Noise

Noise functions can help to reduce the mechanical, linear feeling in animation, especially with the CG camera which often feels too perfect.

Default: The default Ingame Race Camera. Nice and functional, but after 5 minutes of this, it may as well be a 2d game.

Position: Noise added to the XYZ position. Helps to reduce the 2d-scrolling feel to the game

Rotation: Noise added to the XY rotation. Now it’s starting to feel a bit more immediate. The changing perspective does not seem to inhibit gameplay.

Position, Rotation, Roll: Noise added to XYZ rotation of the camera, and additional low frequency XYZ noise added to the relative position. Not only is gameplay not compromised, the additional parallax actually helps depth and distance perception.

Position, Rotation, Roll, ‘Swoop’: Even more low frequency, high amplitude noise added to the XY rotation of a virtual ‘boom arm’ on the camera.Very dynamic, interesting to watch, no manual key framing.

Position, Rotation, Roll, ‘Swoop’: XYZ rotational noise added to a wide angle lens positioned just above the player’s jockey. A variation on the boom arm noise rig provides a limited random ‘look around’ feel. An exciting Ingame view option!

High Wide Rotation: Rotation: XY rotational noise added to the high wide. Feels a bit more like a human cameraman. Noise seems to help EVERY camera feel more natural.

DrivingCam Position, Rotation, Roll, ‘Swoop’: XYZ rotational noise and XY ‘swoop’ noise to a boom arm rig on the tracking follow camera. Makes the shot immersive and dramatic, as well helping to disguise motion twinning and loop irregularities.

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