Chronicles_of_the_Ghostly_Tribe_Trailer 4

This fourth ‘ultimate’ trailer shows off the wide range of VFX shots produced for the film.



The first concept work done on film for the LOTR trilogy, created for promotional purposes before the main shoot started. These used elements shot on film and scanned at a local print house (Weta’s scanner was 8 bit and comparatively lores at that time.) The comps were all done in EDDIE, one of, if not THE, first node-based compositing package created by Animal Logic. And even though I love the latest NUKE, EDDIE still had a better node view. (icons that visually represent their function; isn’t that the whole idea, FOUNDRY?)


Pop Up Pup : In this game you’re a balloon dog who has to float around avoiding sharp things and rescue your inflatable pals. You’re a Pup, you go Up, and you probably will Pop. Simple! This POC was coded in Unity and is quite fun to play – the PUP himself is created from balloon primitives which can pop individually and affect the Pups flight and steering abilities. This level (fiendishly I thought) teaches the player that they have to get hurt sometimes to escape because the Pup in his pristine state is too big to fit out the exit and has to lose a few limbs to the persistent Bees before he can reach safety. Other animals in store are a penguin and a sheep- early testing shows me that the Penguin is PARTICULARLY hard to steer..So much for survival! 😀


Another variant on the Zero gravity / Walk on the walls ideas explored in AMAZED, this time from a first-person perspective. The environment is intentionally blank so that flipping the gravity will make the passage through the maze disorienting. Colour is your only real clue to your intended path; first get to the yellow door, then go to the blue door. Not exactly a challenging objective until you actually try to get there! This POC was coded in unity with some VERY crude C scripting, so the flip direction’s ambiguity while you are playing I’m calling a game-play feature rather than a bug..