An update of my original Amaze game with another dimension added. The guy arrives through the Yellow door, and has to find the Magenta exit. He can only move forward or turn,as in the original, but this time he can jump and flip left or right. When he does this, the wall becomes the floor.( If he misses a platform, he falls to his death, in fact, he could fall off the walkways at any time!) I’m playing with two view modes; The left view is Isometric, the right view is Perspective. ISO feels good for strategy – planning how to get to the exit, (and before that, the Magenta KEY to unlock it!) and PERSP feels more dynamic and immersive. Its quite an artistic challenge to design the levels so that they are a puzzle, but also work well from the camera angle – nothing can be overlapping or blocking what’s behind it too much). I think I’ll eventually put the ISO/PERSP choice on a slider so you can dial in the amount you want. Next steps are to add the foes – Dog, Spider, Snake etc – onto the other planes as you walk around. Dog appears in your path, you flip to the wall, Spider is already there. ( I think you can escape foes by flipping onto a different plane, then they lose sight of you.. maybe..) I now have to implement this animated demo in code so I can experiment with maze design.

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