Jackass the Game was developed by Sidhe Interactive in 2006.

The cinematics and game intros were motion captured first at Weta Digital and then at Weta Productions using realtime feedback with textured characters and sets. This enabled us to shoot a huge amount of performance and footage which we later edited down before that data was processed and cleaned. The characters were set up with an optimised FACS rig for facial animation.

The challenging task of scripting cinematics for a property that worked best ad-libbed was undertaken by my brother Michael. For the rival tv show in the game story, Michael and I came up with ‘Pranked’ – a deliberately crude riff on MTV’s ‘Punk’d’. In a case of life imitating art, MTV later created the show called ‘Pranked’ and the mousetrap-as-cellphone gag in this animation was done for real. (Today’s cheesy satire is tomorrow’s reality TV show.)

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